I.2 Music of the American South


Alternative 1: Teacher shows pictures of Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley and asks students what they remember about them and what is special about their music.

Alternative 2: #MoveYourClassroom Teacher plays a modern, but typical RnB song, e.g. by Rihanna. Students can move and dance if they like and then discuss what characteristics the song has.


Teacher: “Today we’re going to look into how this music all started. You need your cell phones and headphones.”



Robert Johnson (see link below)

Teacher hands out worksheet I.2 Music of the American Southwith QR-codes and tasks. Students may decide if they want to work alone, together with a partner or in a group of three-four. (Sometimes it’s necessary to let them work in pairs or groups if you do not have WIFI in your classroom and depend on their mobile data!).


Students get together in groups and share their results. If you have enough time left, let them record their short conversation, including some seconds of their favorite songs or genres. You could use Voki (with avatar) or Voice Record Pro (also available for Android).

Photo Credit: Robert Johnson – Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12948079

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