Teacher shows the cover of the book and – by using the Think-Pair-Share technique – asks students:

  1. Describe what you see.
  2. Speculate: what is the novel about?
Book cover north by night

PenguinRandomHouse (see link below)


“Let’s see if your assumptions and ideas were right.”



[Note: students use the eBook version, either via iBooks or via Kindle]
  1. Read the introduction by the author: “Dear Reader, …”
    [if you want to have a look at the story, click here and use the ‘look inside’ option or the free sample of the Kindle version]
  2. Highlight information on the actual story (Lucinda, the time, …) and use the note-taking function in your ebook.
  3. Highlight important and/or unknown words in a different color.
  4. In this introduction, you will come across the terms below.  Google them and write down a short definition/explanation in “Easy English” (that everybody can understand!) as a note

– slave narrative
– abolitionists / abolitionist movement
– Underground Railroad
– Fugitive Slave Act
– religious groups: Quakers, Presbyterians
– frontier
– early women’s rights movement

→ if you do not have any mobile data left, 2-3 people can work together.



Teacher has prepared a new mind map on mindmeister  – only with the title North by Night. Students use the laptop in the classroom (connected to internet via cable) and their cellphones to add information they found out. Since the mind map shows the content in real time and refreshes every couple of seconds, the students see what is already there and what they have to add. Teacher can monitor work at the same time.


Upload your vocabulary list and your definitions as a Google Doc into the new Google folder “II North by Night: Introduction”.



Photo credit: http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/6802/north-by-night-by-katherine-ayres/

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