Teacher has prepared cards for group work which include a number, the task and a letter.

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Optional: include a QR-code on the back. For example, see II. 2 Mindmap tasks with QR codes.

Put the cards onto students’ tables before they get into the classroom.

Practice and Evaluation

  1. Go together as a group according to numbers. students_group_work-800px
    TASK: Exchange your results (homework) and focus on your topic. – 15 minutes
    Person “A” writes down keywords on your topic, person “B” manages your time, person “C” keeps the conversation going, person “D” reminds you to talk in English 😎
  2. On your own: Read on until “Saturday, January 11, 1851 – Evening” (ends with: Many lives …)
    TASK: Highlight the text and take notes (as practiced).
    → “use” your group members: if you have questions, ask them!
  3. In your group: Discuss what you have found out.
    TASK: Add more information to your list.
    Person “B” writes down keywords on your topic, person “C” manages your time, person “D” keeps the conversation going, person “A” reminds you to talk in English 😎
  4. Use your cellphones [ if necessary, download a QR Code scanner (e.g. NeoReader, barcoo) ]. Scan the code on the back of your card. You will see an online mindmap. This is where our mindmap experts will add more and more information about the story.
    TASK: Check your understanding of the story so far. Discuss the mind map.
    ⚠️ DO NOT LOSE your card.


Note:  In the previous lesson, the teacher prepared a new mind map on mindmeister  – only with the title North by Night. Students used the laptop in the classroom (connected to internet via cable) and their cellphones to add information they found out. The mind map shows the content in real time and refreshes every couple of seconds. They use the same mind map now and continue working on it (also during the following lessons!).


This time you need our twitter account. (Watch the video online how to get started.) You have 140 characters, the general hashtag is: #NBN (for North by Night).

A. Imagine you are Lucinda. Tweet your thoughts on what you think will happen – hashtag: #NBNLucinda

B. Choose one more character you have got to know so far: Tweet their thoughts and what they think from THEIR perspective – hashtag: #NBN and name of the character, e.g.: #NBNRebecca → first name! ⚠️ Also add your initials! → mine would be NT for Nina Toller

C. Read the tweets the other students posted. Reply if you dis/agree with them, want to ask them something, want to add something…

Note: The protagonist of the story, Lucinda, describes an event which really confused her. But she does not tell the readers what really happened, only that it is dangerous, that there are many secrets and many lives can be in danger. It’s like a cliffhanger. This is why the students should speculate what happened and why.


[Photo credit: CC0 https://pixabay.com/de/klassenzimmer-kooperatives-lernen-1297779/]

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