At the end of the project, when all tasks were finished, I gave the students time to think about their work, what they liked and didn’t like, and what they would like to improve.

While some were working on the last bits of their obligatory tasks, one group of students sat together and thought about good questions for a feedback sheet. Without even telling them “how” to write the questions down, they created a new folder in GoogleDrive and wrote down the questions in a GoogleDoc. All I could do was smile and be proud 😇

My task then was to reorganize the questions in a logical order and print the feedback sheet. That was also the students’ decision: the majority wanted to use pen and paper.

So here is the feedback sheet I was working with – feel free to use it for your own purpose! (Click on the picture for the PDF version)

Again, the numbers 1-6 are the grades in Germany. “1” is the best (≈ A), “6” is “failed”.


I’m still working on the evaluation of the whole project, so stay tuned for results 😉

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